Insufficient Permissions
Your server configuration will not allow this application to function properly due to insufficient file permissions.

Background Information

Most shared hosting servers are configured with a PHP security module called suPHP, which allows scripts to execute with the permissions of the file owner.

Most VPS and Dedicated Servers are not configured with suPHP. This is because they are more secure in nature. In a shared hosting environment, many users run scripts from a single server, and it is therefore critical to protect one user's files from another user's scripts. Since Dedicated and VPS server are not usually shared by more than one company or user, suPHP is not required, however, it does cause problems for this application.

Possbile Fix 1: Implement suPHP

If you are running in a shared hosting environment (your typical inexpensive service), this is definitely what you should do. Please ask your hosting provider about how to enable suPHP for your account.

In a Dedicated Server or VPS environment, this is also a good option, and you can ask your hosting provider to help you install and configure suPHP, however, the next solution will be much easier to implement.

Possbile Fix 2: Change Directory & File Ownership

For security reasons, you are strongly discouraged from implementing this solution in a shared hosting environment.

In a Dedicated Server or VPS environment, this is not an issue and this solution can be safely implemented.


  1. Change the ownership of the folder recursively for this domain to the user the web server runs as (typically "nobody"). You can ask your hosting provider or system administrator how to do this.