Bobois Townhomes for Sale Lasalle Montreal

Designer Kitchens

State of the art European Flare

• High end modern European kitchen cabinetry (Buyers chooses colors from builder’s selection)
• Luxury and stylish quartz counters (buyer chooses colors from builder’s selection)
• Architectural and highly functional large stainless steel sink arrangement
• Quality fixtures and fittings for a rich and beautiful kitchen environment
• High resistance and easily maintained quality tiled floors

Quality Craftsmanship

...and functional bathrooms!

• High end modern European vanity with quartz countertops (Buyer chooses colors from the selection offered by the builder)
• 2 ½ baths options, include a family bathroom with bath shower, a master bathroom within the master bedroom area a shower and a utility washroom at ground level that includes a laundry area
• Quality plumbing fixtures and fittings
• Large mirror included above vanity and linen closets available
• Safety GFI outlet for electric razor and hair dryer

Designer Interiors

materials and finishes!

Engineering and Luxury with a Higher Standard - Vida Lasalle
• High quality hardwood floors throughout the dining room, living room, hallway, and within all bedroom(s).
• Finest tile floor coverings in the kitchen, bathroom or shower room (Colors, materials and options are relative and based on the model chosen).